Defending Life in the Pikes Peak Region


Engaging the Culture and Promoting Life

In a post at the beginning of the year I stated that we were “establishing of a group of volunteers who will engage the culture and promote the value of life through activities directly addressing local, state, and federal law making and policy setting.”

Six members of this group traveled to the state capitol on February 9 to attend hearings on three pro-life bills. I testified on the three bills and described the outcome in a previous post to this blog.

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Choosing to Reverse the Abortion Pill

A woman’s right to give an Informed Consent may be typically violated by abortionists. They are, after all, in the business of killing babies rather than saving them. All they need is the woman’s signature for consent to their treatment. For an early term pregnancy, they will have women take the Abortion pill before leaving their office.

The Abortion Pill is a drug that will prevent a fertilized egg to attach to the placenta, thus depriving living cells of needed nutrition by which they grow and develop. These cells will die within three days from lack of nourishment. The woman must then take a second pill, a drug that induces cramping in order to expel the dead tissue.  If a woman were to change her mind after taking that first pill, abortionists will say there is no turning back.

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Colorado House Kills Three Pro-Life Bills

Three pro-life bills were presented in a single meeting of the House Health, Insurance and Environment Committee on February 9th : abortion pill reversal information (HB17-1086), registration and inspection of abortion facilities (HB17-1085), and defining life as beginning at conception (HB17-1108).

The testimony in favor of the bills was impressive and came from multiple perspectives including doctors and nurses, lawyers, and even women who have successfully saved babies by using the abortion pill reversal treatment. Local Rep. Lois Landgraf aided the process by asking good questions of those who came to testify.

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Bills Addressing Life Issues at Capitol on Feb 15

A couple of bills addressing life issues will be heard at the state capitol on February 15th.

Here are links to details about the bills:

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Pro-Life Bills in House Committee Hearing on Feb 9

The Colorado House of Representatives is hearing three pro-life bills in the same committee meeting this coming Thursday, February 9th.

Here are links to details about the bills:

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Alabama Supreme Court Shows the Way

The Alabama Supreme Court, on the last day of 2016, unanimously ruled that a wrongful death lawsuit can proceed.

What makes this statement extraordinary is that the wrongful death in question is of a “non-viable fetus,” a pre-born baby who allegedly died as the result of malpractice by a doctor.

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Primary Election Update of PPCFL Survey 2016 Responses

[Updated June 8, 2016]

In late January we sent our 2016 political survey to the local and state office candidates whom Pikes Peak area voters will be evaluating in the coming assembles and elections. In late February we sent the same survey to candidates for federal offices within Colorado (US House, US Senate, US President). Yet again in May we sent out surveys to additional candidates who had entered political races after we conducted our earlier rounds of surveys. We have compiled the responses and they are presented in this post for your information. Please consider the candidates responses when you go to vote!

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Conception Marked by Flash of Light

Several news outlets have commented on a study published this week by Northwestern University researchers that reports a literal spark of light occurs at the moment of conception.

The flash of light is thought to be due to a release of zinc from the egg and can be seen in a video attached to an article available at LifeSiteNews.

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Be Not Afraid!

“Feed Domestic Terrorism”!  This is what the CEO of Planned Parenthood (PPH) claimed how the actions of pro-life people lead Robert Dears, a mentally ill man, to kill three people and wound nine others at the PPH clinic in Colo Spgs.  PPH opinions received additional support from the liberal media and key influential political figures.  This tragedy happened at an opportune time for PPH since they had been receiving a lot of negative publicity over the selling of baby body parts and showing a real callousness and disregard for the dismembered unborn babies!

In essence Planned Parenthood’s line of attack is to say if pro-life people had not been exposing them for their heinous acts, Robert Dears would not have done what he did.  How about if PPH stopped killing innocent babies and selling their body parts, pro-lifers would have NOTHING to expose!

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Presenting Life

Recently, Pikes Peak Citizens for Life did a presentation to about 250 parishioners at a local church.  Our guest speaker, a post abortive lady, captivated the attendees as she sorrowfully talked about the suffering and trauma she experienced from her two abortions. 

Afterwards, many attended a breakfast.  My wife staffed a display table with pro-life literature etc.  She spoke with many young people giving each the 12 week old soft touch baby model.  An attractive young lady stopped at the table and explained that 15 years ago she was scheduled to have an abortion.  However, after hearing a similar pro-life presentation, she changed her mind!  Today she is so happy she did!

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