Defending Life in the Pikes Peak Region


Euthanized With at Least 10 Years to Live

In another example of the twisted thinking of those who adhere to the culture of death, a man from the UK went to Switzerland for suicide by doctor (now legalized in Colorado as well) and the media reported it as a “brave” act, especially for his wife since she “risked prosecution in Britain to help her husband end his life.”

You see, from the perspective of the culture of death, it is “a brave act of love” when a wife helps her husband kill himself.

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PPCFL 2016 Fall Appeal

Fall 2016 BillboardWe recently completed a lengthy and controversial election cycle in which we ardently fought against physician facilitated death in all its forms – from abortion to suicide. Some battles for life were won –some were lost.

Out of this fiery political furnace “we the people” forged, with our votes and our ballots, a future direction upon which our society will embark.

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Colorado Now a Euthanasia State

The passage of Proposition 106, which legalizes suicide by doctor, has made Colorado a euthanasia state joining California, Oregon, Washington, and Vermont.

Sold to the voters as a “compassionate” way to alleviate suffering, Proposition 106 employs twisted legal language and perspectives in order to accomplish its homicidal and grisly task: eliminating the sick, poor, elderly, and most vulnerable citizens of Colorado.

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Prayer for Sanctity of Life and Defeat of Proposition 106

Lord God, we thank you for the gift of our lives, and for the lives of all our brothers and sisters. We know there is nothing that destroys more life than a culture that does not respect life from conception to the natural end of life. We now rejoice that you have conquered death by the Resurrection of Your Son. We are ready to do our part in ending this culture of death by committing ourselves to NEVER be silent, NEVER be passive, NEVER be forgetful of innocent human life, at any stage of life. We commit ourselves to be active in the pro-life movement, and never stop defending life until all our brothers and sisters are protected, and our nation once again becomes a nation with Liberty and Justice not for some, but for all.

It is with this in mind that we ask the Holy Spirit to guide us in our work and hear our prayers to give those who are misguided or misled a strong desire for “Objective Truth” regarding the preservation of human life, and to defeat Proposition 106, Physician Assisted Suicide. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN.

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Colorado’s Homicidal Ways

How many people have to die before we get our laws straightened out?

In Colorado a child in utero is not considered a person. Therefore, the death of that child under criminal or negligent circumstances is not considered a homicide.

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Many ballot initiatives have serious unintended consequences, but none worse than Physician Assisted Suicide Initiative 145.

First think “U” – Unintended consequences that cause irreversible harm.

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Fighting Suicide by Doctor

Now that “suicide by doctor” (physician assisted suicide) is on the ballot, many pro-life organizations and people are shifting their education efforts into high gear so that the electorate may have some reliable information about the measure before they vote this fall.

As part of this effort, a new website has been brought online with facts about assisted suicide, news articles, videos, and other information including the wording of the assisted suicide initiative.

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How Assisted Suicide/Murder Brings Trouble for Doctors and All of Us

A 2013 physician assisted suicide law is causing problems for doctors in Vermont.

As the Washington Times is reporting, the assisted suicide law in conjunction with a Patient’s Bill of Rights law is requiring Vermont doctors to inform their patients of the “right” to kill themselves with help from the doctors.

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Understanding What Assisted Suicide Really Means

Physician assisted murder, typically called physician assisted suicide, was defeated in the Colorado state legislature this year, as it was last year.

So proponents of physician assisted murder decided to investigate whether to sponsor a petition drive to put the question on the November ballot. As far as I know, this ballot initiative effort is still on-going.

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Resolution for Life at 2016 Caucuses

Pikes Peak Citizens for Life is encouraging everyone to attend their respective caucus on March 1st and, once there, to support pro-life delegates and pro-life resolutions while opposing anything that is anti-life.

In our January newsletter we suggested a “Resolution for Life” that you can propose in your caucus. The proposed resolution is repeated at the end of this post. Use it “as is” or as a template for one of your own composition.

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