Defending Life in the Pikes Peak Region


Looking Toward 2017

The new year is bringing with it new realities for the pro-life movement in the Pikes Peak region.

Nationally, the election of a Republican president with a Republican-controlled United States Congress (both houses) promises to lean the federal government perspective on life issues more towards the pro-life outlook than was present with the federal administration that is about to end.

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Don’t Pretend We Don’t Know

The secretary for Joseph Goebbels, propaganda minister for the Nazis, was recently interviewed. Now 105 years old, Brunhilde Pomsel notes, “No one believes me now, but I knew nothing.”

However, she also says, among other things, that “…the idealism of youth might easily have led to you having your neck broke,” a statement which indicates, according to blogger Jonathon Van Maren, that she really did have some idea of what was happening.

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A Glimpse of Hell

On Feb 16, 2016, Mr. Steve W. Mosher made a most impressive pro-life presentation at St Dominic’s Church.  (In fact, sitting behind my wife and me was Fr. Bill Carmody who passed away the following night.)

Just a little research on Mr. Mosher reveals how unique he is.  His accomplishments in academia are most impressive.  As a linguist, he is fluent in five languages.  He enrolled in the Chinese Language Program at the Chinese University in Hong Kong, completing the two year course in nine months.  He was a rising star at Stanford University in social research, zipping through one course after another.  In 1980, he was the first U.S. social scientist to receive permission to study the impact of political changes in a remote Chinese village.  Up to this point in his life, Mr. Mosher had been pro-choice and saw the world through a lens of many shades of gray.  He was also an avowed atheist.  One profound event changed his mind.  He witnessed the forced abortion of a Chinese woman who was in violation of China’s ONE child law.  Mr. Mosher realized he had just seen total EVIL!  It was like a “Glimpse into Hell.”

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Supreme Court Further Erodes Position of Children

As reported by Breitbart, the American College of Pediatricians has concluded that the Supreme Court decision legalizing “same-sex marriage will have a significantly negative impact on children in the United States.”

The Court is continuing to erode the position of children in our society, a process that was strongly pressed with the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions in 1973. These decisions essentially held children to be property that could be kept or disposed of according to the desires of the parents.

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PPCFL Spring 2015 Appeal

b2ap3_thumbnail_rights-Asay400x452.jpgAttempts to pass pro-life legislation during this year’s legislative session did not fare well. Bills to protect infants born alive, to ban sex-selective abortions, and to improve medical practice standards for abortuaries were all killed in their first committee hearings. Preborn children in Colorado are without rights or a home, as poignantly illustrated by Chuck Asay in the illustrations provided in this post.

Essentially our legislature, elected by us, voted for infanticide and sex-selective abortions! Why? I heard the answer after my testimony in favor of the sex-selective abortion ban. During the voting phase of the committee hearing, one of the Democratic representatives said that such legislation would be “a slippery slope” to an eventual “abortion ban.” All Democrats on the committee proceeded to vote against it.

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Colorado Legislators Ignore Science

b2ap3_thumbnail_Flag_of_Colorado.svg-300x200.pngAbortion supporters often reject pro-life legislation by calling it religiously motivated and hence superstitious and contrary to reality. They declare that religion should not be imposed on people.

However, pro-life reasoning is supported by medical science which concludes that the baby/fetus in the womb is truly a human child from the moment of conception/fertilization. The fact that many religions accept the conclusions of verifiable scientific determinations simply testifies to the fact that they are in accord with the truth/reality.

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As reported in a WND.com article, xenotransplantation is being touted as “a new life-saving procedure that harvests the organs of aborted children and transplants them in animals, where they can grow and then be made available to patients” for transplants. How utilitarian!

Proponents of xenotransplantation declare it will “end the human donor shortage.”

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Legislator Contact Information for Feb. 7 Assisted Suicide Bill Hearing

b2ap3_thumbnail_icon_alert_5.pngThe Colorado Catholic Conference has provided contact information for the legislators that will be hearing the Assisted Suicide bill (House Bill 15-1135) on Friday February 7th. Pikes Peak Citizens for Life joins with the Colorado Catholic Conference in urging you to contact these legislators (see below) and telling them to oppose House Bill 1135.

Some more background:

House Bill 1135 seeks to legalize physician assisted suicide.  A law allowing assisted suicide would demean the lives of vulnerable patients and expose them to exploitation by those who feel they are better off dead. Such a policy would corrupt the medical profession, whose ethical code calls on physicians to serve life and never to kill.  The voiceless or marginalized in our society - the poor, the frail elderly, and racial minorities would be the first to feel pressure to die.

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Assisted Suicide Bill Being Prepared for Colorado

b2ap3_thumbnail_end-of-life.jpgAssisted suicide will be on the agenda at the next convening of the Colorado legislature.

As noted in the Reporter-Herald, Rep. Joann Ginal (D- Fort Collins) and Rep Lois Court (D-Denver), are drafting an assisted suicide bill that would legalize physician-assisted self-murder in Colorado.

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Treating Yourself Like a Dog is Not Dignified

Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old woman with cancer, has made headlines by posting a video indicating she will kill herself on November 1.

She has chosen to advocate for what our society is calling "death with dignity laws." There is nothing dignified about it.

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