Defending Life in the Pikes Peak Region


Euthanized With at Least 10 Years to Live

In another example of the twisted thinking of those who adhere to the culture of death, a man from the UK went to Switzerland for suicide by doctor (now legalized in Colorado as well) and the media reported it as a “brave” act, especially for his wife since she “risked prosecution in Britain to help her husband end his life.”

You see, from the perspective of the culture of death, it is “a brave act of love” when a wife helps her husband kill himself.

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Looking Toward 2017

The new year is bringing with it new realities for the pro-life movement in the Pikes Peak region.

Nationally, the election of a Republican president with a Republican-controlled United States Congress (both houses) promises to lean the federal government perspective on life issues more towards the pro-life outlook than was present with the federal administration that is about to end.

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Colorado Now a Euthanasia State

The passage of Proposition 106, which legalizes suicide by doctor, has made Colorado a euthanasia state joining California, Oregon, Washington, and Vermont.

Sold to the voters as a “compassionate” way to alleviate suffering, Proposition 106 employs twisted legal language and perspectives in order to accomplish its homicidal and grisly task: eliminating the sick, poor, elderly, and most vulnerable citizens of Colorado.

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There is Nothing Beneficial in Murder

There are just a few more days left in what has been a very long election season.

If you have not voted, I urge you to do so by the November 8 deadline. Drop your ballot into one of the secure boxes around town to make sure it arrives in time to be counted (the box locations are noted in the paperwork that comes with your ballot). See our website for information that can help you select pro-life candidates and to reject anti-life ballot initiatives.

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HOA’s Cannot Ban Political Signs

Churches across the state are handing out thousands of yard signs in opposition to the FATALLY FLAWED Assisted Suicide Proposition 106.

Some churchgoers have said they cannot take one because of the rules of their HOA… Here are the facts:

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Suicide by Doctor Like Suicide by Cop

Sometimes we become so numb to the language we use that we don’t recognize what we are saying. Physician assisted suicide is a case in point.

Proponents of physician assisted suicide have described it as a means for attaining “death with dignity,” and they insist that it should be enshrined in law as a “right.”

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Caucus is Mostly Over But Much More Is To Come

Now that the state caucus process has mostly run its course for this election season (except at the national level), it is time for the pro-life movement in Colorado to focus our political efforts on the elections (primary on June 28th, general on November 8th).

We encountered some success during the caucus process including the passage of all of the PPCFL resolutions and the election of a significant number of pro-life delegates to the county, state, and other assemblies.

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Upcoming Events in Early 2016

There are some events coming up that we want to make sure you know about.

First, we will be having our annual look back at the Roe v Wade decision on January 17. Events of the past couple of months in Colorado Springs have dramatically changed the local environment. What does it all mean? See our calendar for more information.

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Thanksgiving for Life

As Thanksgiving time approaches, there are many things for which we are thankful. At the top of the list must be life, since without life we cannot experience any of the other things for which we can be thankful.

However, in the culture of death, life is sometimes not at the top of the list. Assisted suicide is now legal in several states, California being the latest to approve it.

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Assisted Suicide Bill Defeated

b2ap3_thumbnail_end-of-life.jpgAs you may have already heard, the assisted suicide bill (HB15-1135) was killed in the Colorado House Public Health Care and Human Services Committee on Friday, February 6th.

The bill tried to confuse the issue at hand by declaring: “Actions taken in accordance with this article do not, for any purpose, constitute suicide, assisted suicide, mercy killing, or homicide.”

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