Defending Life in the Pikes Peak Region


Doing the Right Thing

There is a dark blemish on our beautiful city.  It is Planned Parenthood, the primary provider of abortions.  It is located in the vicinity of Centennial Blvd and Fillmore Street.  On the sidewalk close by, pro-life people gather to pray for the unborn and for the conversion of hearts.  As I was praying and looking at this evil facility, my mind wandered, thinking about so many other hideous crimes against humanity.  Under Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, it is estimated 100 million people were exterminated.  Under those regimes, if good and caring people protested they could be next in line!  Not so in our country.  In our Republic, power belongs to the people.  We can take action!!

Today we remember and are painfully aware of the insidious treatment to the slaves and American Indians.  For many years our laws did not protect them from injustices.  As a child growing up in Montana, I often heard, “The only good Indian is a dead Indian!”  Why didn’t good people take action?  There are lots of reasons.  The main one was they bought into misinformation that mainly the slaves and the Indians in some ways were not considered fully human.

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Can You Spend an Hour at 40 Days for Life?

The latest 40 Days for Life campaign has been active since March 1st.

The impact of these campaigns has been extraordinary (numbers as of this writing):

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Choosing to Reverse the Abortion Pill

A woman’s right to give an Informed Consent may be typically violated by abortionists. They are, after all, in the business of killing babies rather than saving them. All they need is the woman’s signature for consent to their treatment. For an early term pregnancy, they will have women take the Abortion pill before leaving their office.

The Abortion Pill is a drug that will prevent a fertilized egg to attach to the placenta, thus depriving living cells of needed nutrition by which they grow and develop. These cells will die within three days from lack of nourishment. The woman must then take a second pill, a drug that induces cramping in order to expel the dead tissue.  If a woman were to change her mind after taking that first pill, abortionists will say there is no turning back.

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Euthanized With at Least 10 Years to Live

In another example of the twisted thinking of those who adhere to the culture of death, a man from the UK went to Switzerland for suicide by doctor (now legalized in Colorado as well) and the media reported it as a “brave” act, especially for his wife since she “risked prosecution in Britain to help her husband end his life.”

You see, from the perspective of the culture of death, it is “a brave act of love” when a wife helps her husband kill himself.

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Looking Toward 2017

The new year is bringing with it new realities for the pro-life movement in the Pikes Peak region.

Nationally, the election of a Republican president with a Republican-controlled United States Congress (both houses) promises to lean the federal government perspective on life issues more towards the pro-life outlook than was present with the federal administration that is about to end.

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PPCFL 2016 Fall Appeal

Fall 2016 BillboardWe recently completed a lengthy and controversial election cycle in which we ardently fought against physician facilitated death in all its forms – from abortion to suicide. Some battles for life were won –some were lost.

Out of this fiery political furnace “we the people” forged, with our votes and our ballots, a future direction upon which our society will embark.

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Texas Moves to Stop Fetal Body Parts Trafficking

Just in case you concluded that the undercover videos from the Center for Medical Progress made no tangible difference to the state of abortion in the United States, new regulations (as reported by LifeSiteNews) from the Texas Department of Health and Human Services will require Texas abortion facilities to bury or cremate the bodily remains of aborted babies starting December 19.

No profit can be made on baby parts that have been properly buried.

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Colorado Now a Euthanasia State

The passage of Proposition 106, which legalizes suicide by doctor, has made Colorado a euthanasia state joining California, Oregon, Washington, and Vermont.

Sold to the voters as a “compassionate” way to alleviate suffering, Proposition 106 employs twisted legal language and perspectives in order to accomplish its homicidal and grisly task: eliminating the sick, poor, elderly, and most vulnerable citizens of Colorado.

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There is Nothing Beneficial in Murder

There are just a few more days left in what has been a very long election season.

If you have not voted, I urge you to do so by the November 8 deadline. Drop your ballot into one of the secure boxes around town to make sure it arrives in time to be counted (the box locations are noted in the paperwork that comes with your ballot). See our website for information that can help you select pro-life candidates and to reject anti-life ballot initiatives.

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Don’t Pretend We Don’t Know

The secretary for Joseph Goebbels, propaganda minister for the Nazis, was recently interviewed. Now 105 years old, Brunhilde Pomsel notes, “No one believes me now, but I knew nothing.”

However, she also says, among other things, that “…the idealism of youth might easily have led to you having your neck broke,” a statement which indicates, according to blogger Jonathon Van Maren, that she really did have some idea of what was happening.

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