Matt Niedzielski

Contributor and Website Manager

Public Response Stopped SB14-175

Senate Bill 175, the so-called “Reproductive Health Freedom Act,” would have prevented any pro-life laws being enacted in Colorado.

As reported by, Senator Andy Kerr, a sponsor of the bill, blamed “delay and filibustering tactics [that] were going to become the absolute rule of the day here over the next three week over SB 175,” as the reason for the bill’s withdrawal from consideration.

However, Senate Minority Leader Bill Cadman said that the bill’s sponsors “ran into … a firestorm of public dissent. Period. A firestorm of public opposition to the political hatchet job is what Senate Bill 175 was. They got called on it.”

Sponsors were counting on a party line vote to pass the bill in the Senate but one of the Democrats, Senator John Kefalas, was undecided on how to vote. Without his vote the bill was not going to pass the Senate.

It is highly probable, in this author’s opinion, that the public opposition, in particular the response led by Archbishop Samuel Aquila , was a large factor in Sen. Kefalas’ indecision. The bill would never have been introduced if the sponsors were not sure they had the votes to pass it. I can only conclude that they felt they had the votes, but then the environment changed unexpectedly. We the people changed that environment, and we did it quickly.

I know many people in Colorado Springs quickly responded to the urgent pleas for action. To all those people who dropped what they were doing to contact their legislators, and to those who went to Denver, we send a great big “thank you.”

This victory demonstrates that we the people can make a difference. Please continue to make a difference whenever you can to defend life.

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