Matt Niedzielski

Contributor and Website Manager

PPCFL 2016 Fall Appeal

Fall 2016 BillboardWe recently completed a lengthy and controversial election cycle in which we ardently fought against physician facilitated death in all its forms – from abortion to suicide. Some battles for life were won –some were lost.

Out of this fiery political furnace “we the people” forged, with our votes and our ballots, a future direction upon which our society will embark.

With the election of candidates declaring pro-life positions regarding abortion, voters have signaled their desire to move toward a culture of life for the nation and for the Pikes Peak region. On the other hand, the passage of Proposition 106, which legalizes “suicide by doctor” in Colorado, has introduced a new threat to life that will absolutely endanger Colorado’s sick, poor, elderly and most vulnerable citizens.

Todaywe must join together to counter the impact of Proposition 106 on our most vulnerable citizens, while also working to reinforce and strengthen the pro-life actions of our elected officials.

Pikes Peak Citizens for Life continues to serve on the front lines for life - facilitating these efforts by educating citizens via advertising, social media, and person-to-person contact. In addition to radio, TV, and billboards – like the one shown above – we proclaim the pro-life message via newsletter, educational presentations, information booths, our website, and persistent testimony at the state capital - defending every human life

These educational efforts impact lives each and every day. Some time ago PPCFL assisted a young speaker with a single presentation on life. Later she became pregnant and decided to keep her baby due to what she had learned in that pro-life presentation.

By financially supporting Pikes Peak Citizens for Life, you are aiding the efforts that move individuals towards life.By multiplying the number of people who choose life, we can advance toward a society in which “every life matters.”

Matt Niedzielski
President, Pikes Peak Citizens for Life

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