Matt Niedzielski

Contributor and Website Manager

Looking Toward 2017

The new year is bringing with it new realities for the pro-life movement in the Pikes Peak region.

Nationally, the election of a Republican president with a Republican-controlled United States Congress (both houses) promises to lean the federal government perspective on life issues more towards the pro-life outlook than was present with the federal administration that is about to end.

On the other hand, passage of the “suicide by doctor” proposition (Prop. 106) in the November election promises to propel Colorado further down the slippery slope of the culture of death.

To grapple with these changes, Pikes Peak Citizens for Life is also going to try something new.

We are establishing a group of volunteers who will engage the culture and promote the value of life through activities directly addressing local, state, and federal law making and policy setting.

While these activities are not new to us, the creation of a dedicated volunteer corps is new. We hope to train the volunteers and send them off to the front lines of the pro-life movement.

If we are successful, we will have many more first-hand stories to convey via our newsletter and website. So, check back and see how we fare!

Happy New Year!

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