Matt Niedzielski

Contributor and Website Manager

Criteria for Brain Death Invented to Obtain Organ Transplants


Important: Being declared “brain dead” does not mean that you are dead!

As reported by, a “pioneer doctor in neonatology,” Dr. Paul Byrne, has “explained that the brain dead criteria was 'invented' in 1968 by an ad hoc Committee of the Harvard Medical School openly seeking a way to harvest organs for transplanting.”

The doctor goes on to say, “Brain death was invented, conjured, made-up to get organ transplants.”

Eerily, the article documents nine cases in the last five years where people declared brain dead, some of them literally on the verge of having organs removed for transplant, suddenly recovered!

So how many people have been killed because they did not recover in time to demonstrate to the doctors that the diagnosis of death was premature?

While saving the lives of people via transplants is in itself a good action, it should never be done by killing another person.

The whole concept of “brain death” needs to be revisted.

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