Matt Niedzielski

Contributor and Website Manager

Childbirth Safer Than Abortion

Those who support abortion often cite their concern for women’s health.

Yet abortion is more dangerous for women than childbirth, and a recent study, the subject of a article, provides the proof.

What did the study discover?

·         During the first six months after an early abortion (12 weeks or less), a woman has double the risk of death compared to giving birth.

·         During the first year following a late abortion (after 12 weeks) a woman has over three times the risk of death compared to giving birth.

So, if abortion proponents are really all about women’s health, they need to stop promoting abortion since abortion is demonstrably more dangerous for women than childbirth.

Given this reality, it is abundantly clear that abortion supporters do not consider women’s health to be a primary concern, and women who are concerned about their health should not listen to them.

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