Matt Niedzielski

Contributor and Website Manager

Abortion Justifies Infanticide

What we hold to be true colors our decisions regarding other issues we encounter.

For example, if we consider abortion to be acceptable, then infanticide becomes much more reasonable.

Think this is crazy? Before you answer, check out this Breitbart story detailing how a pro-abortion witness in a Senate hearing concluded it is acceptable to deny medical care to a baby born alive after having survived an abortion attempt.

How can this be? Consider what Dr. Kathi Aultman says: “The worst complication for an abortionist is to have the baby born alive, and I do not feel that the abortionist has the best interests of that child at stake and the mother may not either.”

One can hardly expect that the abortionist, who was trying to kill the child, will instantly reverse course and try to save the child after failing in his/her attempt to end the child’s life, an attempt for which the abortionist is receiving payment.

One error leads to another. So, we must avoid the first error. Abortion has to end.

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