Defending Life in the Pikes Peak Region


Sanctity of Life Sunday 2017

It was gray and cold; the weather seemed appropriate to the event at hand. It was Sanctity of Life Sunday, January 15th, 2017, and we were remembering the Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade ruling on that winter day forty-four years ago when that coldest of practices, abortion, became the law of the land. The death toll recently passed 58 million. We mourned their loss on Sunday, but we didn’t linger in the gray mood. In fact, the dominant feeling of the day was hope.

Our group of pro-life warriors represented at least three generations, our youngest participant having barely reached her 23rd birthday and our oldest in her 80s. We shared hot cocoa, home-baked cookies, and our stories of hope.

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Allies in the Battle for Life

I had the honor and privilege of attending a Holiday Open House at the Galley Road offices of Life Network in early December. One of the purposes of the open house was to bid a fond farewell to the current President and CEO of Life Network, Diane Foley, MD, and to meet and welcome the man who will take the reins in January 2017, Mr. Rich Bennett.


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Reflections from the Sidewalk, Part 3

I am feeling victorious this week. As the 40 Days for Life (https://40daysforlife.com/) Fall 2016 Campaign ended on November 6th I reflected on the difference this peaceful, prayerful vigil made in our world. Record numbers of people came out to the sidewalk to pray in 367 cities in all 50 states of the U.S. and 23 countries. We know of 717 lives that were saved in the course of the 40 days, and there is no telling how many hearts were changed. Two days later our country elected a vocal advocate for life instead of a politician bent on expanding abortion in our wounded world. While it’s true that our battle for life is not over, we can certainly celebrate this step in the right direction. Will we succeed in putting an end to abortion in our lifetime? I don’t know, but it looks better today than it did a few weeks ago. In the meantime, I’ll keep heading out to the sidewalk to pray. I hope you’ll join me.

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HOA’s Cannot Ban Political Signs

Churches across the state are handing out thousands of yard signs in opposition to the FATALLY FLAWED Assisted Suicide Proposition 106.

Some churchgoers have said they cannot take one because of the rules of their HOA… Here are the facts:

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PPCFL Survey 2016 Responses for Local Candidates, General Election Update

[Updated September 13, 2016]

In late January we sent our 2016 political survey to the local and state office candidates whom Pikes Peak area voters will be evaluating in the coming assembles and elections. In late February we sent the same survey to candidates for federal offices within Colorado (US House, US Senate, US President). Yet again in May we sent out surveys to additional candidates who had entered political races after we conducted our earlier rounds of surveys. We compiled the responses and presented them in an earlier post so you could make informed decisions in the primary election.

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