Defending Life in the Pikes Peak Region



b2ap3_thumbnail_Fetus-1-290x250.jpg“If you are a Christian & Conservative, transfer to another field.”  This is what a junior college student at the University of North Carolina – Wilmington, majoring in Social Studies, was told.  You ask, by whom??  While not directly from one of the professors, it was attributed to him by students who supported such a view.  This would be intimidating to most young people but she was not!  To the contrary, she wrote a 6 page paper, followed by a 5 minute presentation to her class of 35 students.  Her paper was in support of U. S. House Bill, HR 36, and The Pain-capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  “This act seeks to terminate the legalization of abortion after the fetus is 20 weeks old…  The basis for this legislation rests on the evidence that a fetus is capable of feeling pain (as it is dismembered in the womb, one arm, one leg at a time) when it is 20 weeks old due to the scientifically proven development of pain receptors.”  (Policy analysis paper by “Anonymous”) 


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Colorado Legislators Ignore Science

b2ap3_thumbnail_Flag_of_Colorado.svg-300x200.pngAbortion supporters often reject pro-life legislation by calling it religiously motivated and hence superstitious and contrary to reality. They declare that religion should not be imposed on people.

However, pro-life reasoning is supported by medical science which concludes that the baby/fetus in the womb is truly a human child from the moment of conception/fertilization. The fact that many religions accept the conclusions of verifiable scientific determinations simply testifies to the fact that they are in accord with the truth/reality.

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Unborn Victims of Violence Bill Clears Senate

b2ap3_thumbnail_Flag_of_Colorado.svg-300x200.pngSenator Cadman’s bill (Senate Bill 15-268), to address the hole in Colorado law that allowed the murderer of Aurora Wilkins to escape murder charges, cleared the Senate yesterday and is headed to the House. (For more details see this earlier post.)

All the Republicans in the Senate voted for the measure. We send our thanks to our local senators who voted for the legislation:

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Sen. Cadman’s Attempt to Address Wilkins Case

b2ap3_thumbnail_Flag_of_Colorado.svg-300x200.pngColorado Senate President Bill Cadman is making good on his promise to introduce legislation that would address the enormous hole in Colorado law that allowed the attacker of Longmont resident Michelle Wilkins to escape murder charges even though this attacker killed Ms. Wilkins’ unborn child. (See this story for more background on the whole situation.)

Cadman’s bill, Senate Bill 15-268, proposes to include unborn children from conception to birth in statutes dealing with homicide and assault.

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Colorado Democrats Support Infanticide

b2ap3_thumbnail_baby-feet.jpgWERE YOU AWARE OF THIS?  I WAS NOT!

“Today, March 4, 2015, in the House Public Health Care & Human Services Committee, Colorado Democrats, on a party line vote, defeated the ‘Born Alive Infant Protection Act’ (HB 1112).  This bill would have ensured that any child born alive during the course of an abortion would be entitled to appropriate and reasonable medical care and treatment.”

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