Defending Life in the Pikes Peak Region


Planned Parenthood Videos Having Effect

The undercover videos, illustrating how Planned Parenthood traffics in fetal body parts, from the Center for Medical Progress are shocking but not really surprising to most of us in the prolife community.

The surprise, at least to me who has seen such revelations fall on deaf ears in the past, is that these videos seem to be convincing some people to make changes in their thoughts and actions!

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Planned Parenthood Acknowledges Killing Children

As more and more revelations are disclosed about Planned Parenthood regarding the sale of baby body parts to whomever will pay, one conclusion is unmistakable:

Executives at Planned Parenthood fully understand that children are being killed by abortion!

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Let’s Harness the Outrage

b2ap3_thumbnail_LifeCounts-315x283.jpgThroughout our wonderful land, there is outrage over the fact that Planned Parenthood has been caught selling aborted baby body parts such as hearts and livers.

In order for this to happen let’s first remember an innocent unborn baby had to be killed… and for profit.  And there should be NO surprise someone callous enough to kill innocent unborn babies for PROFIT, would then turn around and sell parts of the baby for another PROFIT!

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Supreme Court Further Erodes Position of Children

As reported by Breitbart, the American College of Pediatricians has concluded that the Supreme Court decision legalizing “same-sex marriage will have a significantly negative impact on children in the United States.”

The Court is continuing to erode the position of children in our society, a process that was strongly pressed with the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions in 1973. These decisions essentially held children to be property that could be kept or disposed of according to the desires of the parents.

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Exciting News

b2ap3_thumbnail_Genetica_shutterstock-300x222.jpgIn spite of much effort, we (Pikes Peak Citizens for Life) have not been able to establish any relationship with the Black Community.  It looks like this is changing.  Recently, we have met with two Black Pastors from two different churches.  They are enthused about our presentations especially the one on the “Sanctity of Life”.  The work and dedication these two men have for their people is inspiring.  However, even more so is their LOVE!

What they are doing can only be done through love. The last time I felt this way was when I read Mother Teresa’s book, “My Life for the Poor”.  Please pray this relationship with the Black community bears much fruit. 

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