Defending Life in the Pikes Peak Region


Colorado’s Homicidal Ways

How many people have to die before we get our laws straightened out?

In Colorado a child in utero is not considered a person. Therefore, the death of that child under criminal or negligent circumstances is not considered a homicide.

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Many ballot initiatives have serious unintended consequences, but none worse than Physician Assisted Suicide Initiative 145.

First think “U” – Unintended consequences that cause irreversible harm.

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Fighting Suicide by Doctor

Now that “suicide by doctor” (physician assisted suicide) is on the ballot, many pro-life organizations and people are shifting their education efforts into high gear so that the electorate may have some reliable information about the measure before they vote this fall.

As part of this effort, a new website has been brought online with facts about assisted suicide, news articles, videos, and other information including the wording of the assisted suicide initiative.

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Reflections from The Sidewalk

I am relatively new to the Pro-Life Movement. In fact, for almost half my life I would have identified myself as Pro-Choice. The story of how I switched sides can come later. For now, I thought you should know me better. I recently joined the board of Pikes Peak Citizens for Life as Vice President. Most of you have been embroiled in this battle for life far longer than I have, and for that I thank you. Though I am new to the fight, I hope to show you that I am a passionate addition to the forces in the trenches.

I will never forget my first hour as a Pro-Life warrior. A friend coordinating 40 Days for Life at my parish in Northern Virginia asked me to fill a space on the schedule. As anyone who knows me at all understands, I am not good at saying 'no'. So I said 'yes'. I showed up at the appointed time and place and felt immediately awkward. The people already there seemed to know what they were doing. I did not. But, I decided I could walk and pray. So that's what I did.   I walked back and forth, the length of the sidewalk in front of the clinic praying the Rosary for my hour. I didn't talk to anyone. We weren't permitted near the entrance. But in a small way, I felt heard. I felt a part of something bigger. And I felt hope. And that hope is what keeps me coming back to The Sidewalk.

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Hillary and the Democratic Party Platform Have it Backwards

In her acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention (as reported by LifeSite news), “Hillary Clinton promised to enact the largest expansion of taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand in history.”

Clinton also said “That’s the only way we can turn our progressive platform into real change for America.”

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