Defending Life in the Pikes Peak Region


Can You Help PPCFL this Summer?

b2ap3_thumbnail_volunteer-banner.pngDuring the summer months PPCFL has commitments to appear at a number of venues (including the El Paso County Fair and the Colorado State Fair) to educate people on life issues, and our commitments are satisfied by our volunteers (PPCFL is an entirely volunteer organization).

If you would like to help us in this endeavor to educate our neighbors, please contact us either by phone (719-630-1999) or on our website (www.ppcitizensforlife.org/volunteer).

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PPCFL Local Election Candidate Survey Results

Colorado flagOur local city election is just around the corner.

In order to gauge the positions of the current candidates for mayor and city council, we have sent them a survey in which we sought to learn their perspectives on certain prolife questions.

As an aid to you, the results of the surveys which have been returned to us are posted below. When you vote in the city election, please keep in mind the positions of the various candidates and vote to defend life.

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Legislator Contact Information for Feb. 7 Assisted Suicide Bill Hearing

b2ap3_thumbnail_icon_alert_5.pngThe Colorado Catholic Conference has provided contact information for the legislators that will be hearing the Assisted Suicide bill (House Bill 15-1135) on Friday February 7th. Pikes Peak Citizens for Life joins with the Colorado Catholic Conference in urging you to contact these legislators (see below) and telling them to oppose House Bill 1135.

Some more background:

House Bill 1135 seeks to legalize physician assisted suicide.  A law allowing assisted suicide would demean the lives of vulnerable patients and expose them to exploitation by those who feel they are better off dead. Such a policy would corrupt the medical profession, whose ethical code calls on physicians to serve life and never to kill.  The voiceless or marginalized in our society - the poor, the frail elderly, and racial minorities would be the first to feel pressure to die.

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Petition Against Assisted Suicide

b2ap3_thumbnail_icon_alert_5.pngThe group Colorado Citizens for Life, a state-wide sister organization to Pikes Peak Citizens for Life, is seeking signatures on a petition against the assisted suicide legislation that is currently being considered in the Colorado General Assembly.

Some background for the petition:

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Upcoming Local Events to Remember Roe v. Wade

b2ap3_thumbnail_icon_alert_5.pngThere are a couple of local events this coming holiday weekend to reflect upon the consequences of the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton Supreme Court decisions handed down 42 years ago.

The first event is sponsored by us, Pikes Peak Citizens for Life. On Sunday January 18 at 1 pm we will continue the observance of the National Sanctity of Human Life Day that President Ronald Reagan inaugurated back in 1984. You can read more about this history and the event details in our January newsletter.

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